Oleksandr Gavenko


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Ukrainian and Russian are mother tongues, English is CEFR C1 (Advanced).


2017-02-xx - present, Smart Agent, remote.
  • Back-end developer + devops + troubleshooter.
Involved into:
  • Development and support of travel agent application's back-end & infrastructure.
  • Developing integrations to Sabre / Travelport GDSes.
  • Planning and applying DB / infrastructure migrations.
  • Planning and conducting hiring tech interviews.
Became trusted although worked full-time remotely. Got experience of providing solutions for production problems. Hardened skills in Java dev-stack & Cloud soluitons.
2012-09-xx - 2015-04-xx, PJSC CB "PrivatBank", Ukraine.
  • Requirement gathering, design, implementation and support.
  • Occasionally worked on test automation and improvement of build processes.
Involved into:
  • Developing risk management and analysis system on Basel II Accord.
  • Supporting internal libraries.
  • Training of employees.
Switched from low level system programming to application programming. Learnt Java EE and Web software technology stacks.
2005-12-xx - 2012-02-xx, BIFIT Ukraine.
  • Requirement gathering, design and implementation.
  • Working with normative documents, preparing of program documentation (GOST 19.xxx).
  • Interviewing and training of new employees.
  • Administration of development infrastructure.
Involved into:
  • Deleloping hi-speed cross-platform cypto library "Гепард 1.0", which implement GOST 28147-89, GOST 34.311-94, GOST 34.310-95, GOST 34.310-2001 and DSTU 4145-2002 standards. Library have expert opinion from ГСССЗИ of Ukraine.
  • Deleloping USB-token "iBank 2 Key" based on ARM7 microcontroller, which implement GOST 28147-89, GOST 34.311-94, GOST 34.310-95, GOST 34.310-2001 and DSTU 4145-2002. USB-token have expert opinion from ГСССЗИ of Ukraine.
  • Integrating crypto libraries into "iBank 2 UA" banking system on Java and .NET platforms.
  • Construction of secure communication protocol, based on SSL/TLS.
  • Implementing native Add-on for desktop browsers on desktop OSes using NPAPI, XPCOM и ActiveX API.
Became a software developer despite educational qualification as a mathematician, worked on long-term projects, trained a dozen of new employees, learned variety of software development stacks, got experience with different hardware platforms, protocols, software solutions.


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Hobbies and interests

Spend time at a PC screen on reading, learning, blogging & hobby software development.

Play keyboard, work on electronics hobby project, work in a garden, cook tastiness.